PolyMax PM9858LIP Battery Pack Rechargeable LiPo 7.4V/4100mAh

SKU : PolyMax_PM9858LIP_Battery_Pack_Rechargeable_LiPo_7_4V_4100mAh

PolyMax PM9858LIP Battery Pack LiPo 7.4V/4100mAh

The PolyMax PM9858LIP is a High-capacity 4100 mAh LiPo Battery for XTS 2500.High-capacity for extended talk time and long shifts.PolyMax HPC cells provide more charging cycles with the 7.4V, 4100 mAh, LiPo chemistry, also includes belt clip.

Compatible with Motorola XTS2500, XTS1500, MT1500, PR1500 and Compatible with Li-ion chargers.

Price $ 100.00